I understand that you may have some questions as you move forward in the wedding planning process. It is very important to me that you feel comfortable every step of the way and I am here to hold your hand! Below are some common inquiries that arise during this time. If you are still unsure of anything, please feel free to call and chat with me.

What is your price range?

My wedding packages start at $2,350, I offer a variety of packages based your needs. However, no two weddings are the same. Please feel free to contact me with the details of your wedding and I’ll be happy to give you an estimate based on your customized needs!

Do you work with a second photographer?

I do have secondary Silver Moon shooters. Of course, this is a great way to capture a different angle of your big day. Though, if you’ve got me solo, I am rarely still when shooting a wedding and I know exactly how important it is to you that I capture all of the special moments… It’s just as important to me! So, rest assured… One photographer or multiple, your wedding will be captured beautifully from start to finish.

Do you provide videography services?

As a still photographer, I do not offer videography services. However, I have some names for you if you need a hand in that department!

Do you edit all of the photographs? How many pictures will we receive?

We edit all of the best shots from the day. For a full day of wedding photography, this is typically between 350-400 images, however, there is no set number. These images will be given to you digitally on a beautiful wooden USB and printable at 5×7 size. That means that they will be released to you and you may print as many 5×7 photographs as you’d like. Enlargements and a variety of unique wall art is available and can be ordered through Silver Moon. We use a professional photography print lab and can 100% guarantee the quality of artwork that our clients receive.

What is your deposit to hold a date?

The deposit is $500 to hold your wedding date. This will go towards the total photography investment and is non-refundable. Please look over the Wedding Agreement, as well as the Payment and Cancellation Policy.

How far will you travel?

I absolutely love traveling and would be ecstatic to travel and shoot your wedding! Of course, this is something that varies, so travel fees are on a case by case basis. Please feel free to contact me with questions relating to travel.

How long does it take before we receive our products and photographs?

I will have your Sneak Peek social media album ready to post within two weeks of your wedding. The remainder of the images will be delivered within about a month and a half. If you would like to purchase any prints, products, books or albums, the design process will take a little time (that will vary based on what you are purchasing) and you will be asked to approve any items ordered. Once the order has been made, it will take about a week to receive from the lab and will deliver as soon as I receive it.

What if we don’t have or want our photos posted on social media? Can we still have a Sneak Peek album?

Of course! I know not everyone is big on social media. I do have a gallery option that will allow you to beautifully share your special day with your friends and family. However, the contract states that any photography of your wedding may be used for advertising/commercial purposes by the photographer, so I may share some of the photos on my various platforms, such as website, blog, advertising materials, etc..

Can we order large prints form the digitals?

The digitals that you receive are suitable for 5×7 sized prints. Any larger prints may be purchased through me, as I work with a professional photography lab and can guarantee the quality of the prints and products that my clients are hanging on their walls and sharing with the world. As professionals, we have high standards for the way our art is displayed. I want to ensure only the best quality to my clients.

How does the album design process work?

It’s always an honor to design an album for my couples! They albums are beautifully made and are top of the line quality to be an heirloom in your family for lifetimes. While you, of course, have ultimate say as to what goes in your album and how it’s designed, I have a great eye for putting together a piece of art that will showcase your wedding in a storybook way, from start to finish. I would love to show you what I come up with and then tweak it in the later stages of the process. Only after your final review and 100% approval will we place your album order.

I don’t photograph well and am super awkward, will you help?

Believe me, I’ve been there and I know how you feel! As your photographer, it is my job to not only help you look and feel your best but to also be sure you are completely confident in that! I will help as much or as little as needed to guarantee you are feeling great throughout your wedding day. I often work in situations where my models have never stepped in front of a camera and I have five minutes to make them look like runway stars. I got you!

Do you offer engagement sessions?

I definitely offer engagement sessions. In fact, I would prefer to shoot your engagement session AND your wedding! Being your engagement photographer allows me time to familiarize myself with the cute nuances and quarks of your relationship. I can gain true insight to your connection with each other through a lens view, before your wedding day, which will put you more at ease and comfortable on your debut. This also creates a more cohesive storyline of your engagement and wedding from start to finish.  Not to mention, it gives us more time to be fun and creative with each other, which is always a plus!

Engagement sessions are included with some wedding packages and can be added on to others.

You’re the photographer for us, we need you to shoot our wedding! When should we book you?

ASAP! The sooner the better. There are always couples that get stuff done ahead of the crowd and book far in advanced. If you have your date set in stone and you know you definitely want me to shoot your wedding, book now! The only way to guarantee the date is to get the deposit down.

I see photographers often leave weddings a couple hours early but I really want you to stay till the very end of my wedding. Will you?

You’ve got me for as long as you want me on your wedding day. We’ll chat in depth about the timing details to be sure everything lines up with your chosen package. If we’ve worked it out to be there until the end, then of course, we will be there until the very end of the evening. However, If for some reason the timing falls out of sync with your chosen package and you need me to stay longer than expected, I offer hourly rates.

Do I have to provide you a meal at my wedding?

While a meal is not required in the contract, it sure is nice and very appreciated. As you’ll see, I run around constantly at a wedding, never missing a beat. Usually, by the time the meal is served, I have been with you for many hours of the day and just like you, will be very hungry. A nice hot meal is definitely more substantial than the granola bar that’s been in my bag since 2012… Also, eating while you eat is perfect timing, as photos of the newlyweds stuffing face isn’t typically requested!

What will you wear to shoot?

Always black! It’s my job to remain as “invisible” as possible and wearing all black will help you and your guests dismiss me as quickly as you see me, keeping the attention on you and your partner.

Do you need me to send you a shot list of the images I want captured?

I will capture all of the details of your wedding day, so it is not necessary to send me a complete shot list unless you have special requests. Of course, you are more than welcome to send me anything you’d like if that makes you feel more comfortable! Though, it is a good idea to compile a shot list of family photos. This will prepare us to move through them at a nice pace and keep you from worrying if anyone was missed. This will also give me a look into your family dynamic, such as divorced parents, step parents, etc..

We are not traditional people and want to do things in a unique way. Are you on board?

This day is all about you! I’m here to help it run as smoothly as possible and to capture beautiful moments along the way. I love to see couples come up with unique ways to express themselves on a day so memorable. Whatever this means to you, I’m ready for it. All you have to do is keep me informed leading up to your wedding day (don’t worry, I’ll remind you).

I'm making quite an investment on my wedding photography, do you include any package bonuses?

All of our wedding packages include at least one mounted print of your choice and some options include more than others. We do know you are making a big investment to ensure your wedding photography is stellar. It it also important to us that you realize our gratitude for trusting Silver Moon to capture the memories of the biggest day of your life! A little birdie told me that every client of Silver Moon receives a secret, personalized gift. SHHHH!

Do you actually like to shoot weddings?

Truly and honestly, weddings are my favorite! The wedding vibe is something you can’t find just anywhere. When else is a group of friends and family so vibrant and excited to be around one another? When else would I get to capture a couple completely head over heels and literally overflowing with joy and love for one another? There’s really nothing quite like a wedding… It’s an honor to be a part of and to be trusted with such a responsibility. I absolutely love serving people as well as contributing everything I can to make my client’s wedding day spectacular. I will say that I’m also really great at guiding a group and using my big mouth to keep everyone on track. Of course, joking and being my bubbly self all along the way to keep smiles on everyone’s faces. This is a part of my personality that I love to share and use in positive ways for you on your wedding day. I wouldn’t shoot weddings if I didn’t love them!

Do you shoot other types of photography such as headshots, portraits, newborns, etc.?

I do shoot a wide range of photography and would be happy to chat with you about the details of what you are looking for. I’m only a phone call away to discuss your specific needs.